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How to use your health insurance



How to use your insurance for your Therapeutic Massage.  Insurances do not cover Relaxation Massages.

In order to use your health insurance to pay for your massage services, you must have a prescription from your doctor (MD, DO, DC).  Some health insurances pay for massage services, some do not.  You will need to confirm that massage is a covered service for your health insurance policy.   

Once your doctor has given you a prescription for you to receive massage services, bring your prescription to our studio.  Your prescription must include the medical diagnosis that the doctor has given you that indicates the medical necessity for you to have massage therapy.  Your prescription will also direct how often you will need to receive a massage and the length of time prescribed.  For example:  2 massages per week for 3 weeks followed by 1 massage per week for 4 weeks.  

Your massage therapist will then use the prescription as the basis for determining where to focus your therapy.  Once you have received your massage therapy, the therapist will complete the documentation of the services that you received (called a treatment note).  You can expect to receive the treatment note at your next appointment, or if no follow up is scheduled, your treatment note will be mailed to you.   

We will also provide you with a detailed receipt that will include the information that an insurance company will require when you submit your claim for the therapy services.

We do not bill insurance companies for our clients.  We provide you with the treatment note and the detailed receipt that you will need in order to file your own claim.

Step by step

1.  Obtain prescription from your doctor.

2. Verify your policy coverage.

3. Call and make an appointment.

          Advise us that you have a prescription.

4. Receive your therapeutic massage.

5. Submit your claim to the insurance company

          with the documentation we provide you.